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Forex Free Signals Forex Secrets – Developing The “Anti-Chaos” Trading


Forex Free Signals Forex Secrets – Developing The “Anti-Chaos” Trading

forex free signals

forex free signals (See the beginning of this article under the name of Forex Secrets – Developing “Anti-Chaos” Strategy and Tactics in the Forex Market (Part 1) forex free signals

It is terrible to imagine what would happen to the US dollar rate in the automatic market in this case. In the controlled foreign exchange market the exchange rate can fall by only 1-2%.

I hope that my opponents, who deny the existence of a system that controls the forex market, will remember the primary economic laws. Automatic market is a measure that determines the real price of goods on the basis of demand and supply (in the specific case, is the real exchange rate of any national currency).

Episode 2. Hurricane “Katrina” and flooding in the United States of America on September 7, 2005. The dollar price increases steadily. Events.

As a result of the dam disaster

As a result of the dam disaster, many states in the United States became submerged. The network of industry, agriculture and transport was destroyed. Panic began not only among ordinary people but also among officials of various ranks. Hundreds and thousands of people are dead. There were cases of looting. US Army soldiers shot at many thieves (perhaps hungry and desperately thirsty). The Government of the United States of America has declared this hurricane a national disaster. For the first time a new civil defense plan was introduced (see “BBC. Chronicle of full events”).

Katrina was leading the United States to ruin. Louisiana senators asked for $ 250 billion of the federal budget for “Katrina” subsequent effects.

Thus, it is an illustrative example of the largest natural disasters in the USA in the past decades. Even the poorest country in the world – Haiti – provided financial assistance to the United States of America ($ 36,000). Ukraine manufactured one million hryvnia, etc.

What happened to the US dollar in the controllable forex market? Despite all the economic laws and even against common sense, the price of the US dollar rose! forex free signals

Graph 8.7. EUR / USD pair movement (see image at the end of the article)

Graph 8.8. GBP / USD pair movement (see image at the end of the article)

Brief conclusions for traders.

I think, the premise of shifting Forex from the spontaneous market to a controlled market does not need more evidence. Therefore, traders should make adjustments to their forex free signals Forex strategy and tactics.

What conclusions, important for traders, that logically follow these facts?

Under new controllable market

Under new controllable market conditions, the trader should not follow the “crowd” (herd). As B. Williams, A. Elder and many other authors have emphasized to some extent, the “crowd” pays the price in any automatic market. Conversely, in a regulated forex market, market orders must be opened in advance for the interests of the consortium!

I try to find the essence of common sense in every style of successful Forex work. Is it necessary to rediscover known principles? There are many thriving traders who openly and frankly offer their methods of earning profits from Forex. If their techniques are successful, it means that these authors have a thorough understanding of the problem in essence.

However, in practice, both of these techniques sometimes make profits, while in some cases they are unfavorable. It does not matter, whether this technique is developed by forex free signals b. Williams or by a trader is not famous but successful.

Conclusion 1. It is necessary to clearly identify the areas where a particular technology works and its failure (as well as the corresponding reasons). In this way, we can clearly understand what method a particular trader uses and which is worth using – as well as how and when to utilize it for our Forex work.

Conclusion 2. Your trading

Conclusion 2. Your trading system should not be a mere combination (farrago) of different techniques. This rule is especially important for beginners. After reading piles of books on Forex, they all complain about “such a mess in their heads rather than enlightenment.”

Conclusion 3. The trader should develop his own trading system. To make a profit, you must take the following steps:

a. You choose only any technique developed by any forex free signals author (such as, Lee or P. Williams, or anyone else);

B. You should get used to working with a demo account in accordance with this technique to the extent that you feel as your initial (original) trading system to work in Forex.

C. Only after this should begin to study additional literature. You should clearly see the points that can help you “personally” borrow from other authors, to work in forex, to improve your trading system for additional profits.

Objective Forex shift from the spontaneous market to the dominated market. Pattern of the process

Any profitable business moves from automatic to manageable. It is an objective phase in the development of business commitments. forex free signals

In every branch of big

In every branch of big and profitable business, the initial stage of chaotic competitive race (petroleum, gas, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, precious metals, arms movement, etc.) has already passed. At present, all these areas are certainly divided among the main participants. That is, there are some financial industrial clusters, well controllable and protected from concurrent intrusion.

The same goes for the largest and most conservative business area – the financial branch and the global currency exchange market. Could it be otherwise? It is absurd to imagine! forex free signals https://forexrupees.com/

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